FORZA Vitamin C 1000mg 60 Tablets


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High strength Vitamin C supplement to help support psychological function, boost the immune system, reduce tiredness, and provide antioxidant protection.nVitamin C is a natural antioxidant that is vital for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the bodynIt helps the body to produce collagen, which is needed by skin, teeth, gums, bones, cartilage and blood vesselsnIt also supports the regular function of the immune system and has a positive effect on natural energy levelsnVitamin C – Health BenefitsnAlso known as Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C has been shown to provide the following health benefits:nContributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, teeth, gums, bones, cartilage and blood vessels.nContributes to normal energy release and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.nContributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress (antioxidant).nContributes to the normal function of the immune system.nContributes to the normal function of the nervous system.nSupports normal psychological function.nIncreases iron absorption.nDescriptionnHigh Strength TabletsnEach tablet provides 1000mg of pure Vitamin C, which is 1250% of the daily reference intake for adults.nIn addition to this, the formula also contains citrus bioflavonoids and rosehip powder. Both of these naturally work together to increase the effectiveness of Vitamin C.